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$726,000 IN DEBT

I’m Scott Oldford, the founder of INFINITUS, and in the guide below, I’m going to tell you about my SSF Method of lead generation.

See, in June 2013, I hit the bottom after my 3rd business had just failed.

I held on too long as my cashflow tanked, hoping things would turnn around, and ended up in a ton of debt.

And it’s all because I didn’t have sustainable, predictable lead generation. 

So I scraped together what I knew in marketing and psychology and developed something new.

It’s called the Sidewalk, Slow Lane, Fast Lane Method of lead generation (SSF Method for short).

(The name was inspired by MJ DeMarco’s book, Millionaire Fast Lane.)

And it enabled me to go from $726,000 in debt in 2013 to a business that generated over $2.6 million in revenue in 2016 and on track to more than double that in 2017.

I’ve been able to generate thousands of qualified leads and teach other passionate entrepreneurs about this method...I’ve been able to talk about it in places like ForbesInc.Success, and Entrepreneur (where I also write a regular column). I’ve also been able to talk about this on pretty much every major business podcast out there…

Simply put, the SSF Method enables you to deliver a customized experience to your leads based on their mindset and we do this by creating an automated system of lead generation that utilizes some basic components of online marketing.

So here’s what you really need to know: there are 3 types of leads, Sidewalk, Slow Lane, and Fast Lane...and we talk to them differently based on their mindset

Here’s what it looks like:


You just brought in a few new customers or clients to your business and you’re excited about it...

And it just so happens that a couple payments are about to hit the bank. Business is good, you’ve got customers and clients and enough work to sustain you for a long time…

But then life happens...someone wants a refund, your website isn’t working properly, cashflow comes in below projections because you weren’t able to hit your revenue target...

You get so caught up in serving your customers and clients and dealing with problems that come up, that you just don’t have the time or energy to keep up your marketing. Just the thought of heading out to a networking event after a long day is exhausting…

But then you suddenly realize that you don’t have enough business for the next month because you haven’t been working your network to bring in new leads for your products or services.

So you start hitting up old contacts, asking for referrals, prospecting in Facebook groups, posting on LinkedIn, anything to bring in some more clients…

You spend hours over email and the phone to try and close a few more deals and bring in enough to keep the lights on.

You rely on pure, cold hustle to get you through the next month.

And it works! More clients come in and then…

Danny Iny

“Scott’s method of lead generation is one of the best in the world. He understands that entrepreneurs can’t afford to spend tens of thousands a month on advertising. He’s brilliant both as an entrepreneur and as a marketer.”

Dov Gordon

“He's smart. Works hard. And he's real, genuine and caring. AND... when it comes to creating online marketing funnels, Scott is the guy I call for help.”


In 3 months, you’re out hustling again, trying to get new customers or clients. 

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You end up spending time working on your business that you want to be spending with your family.

An 8 hour work day seems like a luxury. 

It’s an endless cycle. “Feast or famine”, as they say.

And deep down, you know this can’t be the way to grow your business.

You know that you have no sustainability, no predictability and no consistency.

And the reality is that if your referrals dry up, your business could be on the ropes, just fighting to survive.

So what happens if this just keeps going?


When a prospect is in the Slow Lane, they now know what causes the pain they’ve been feeling in their business or life. 

Now, they want to know more about it. What causes it? How bad is the problem? If it goes unattended, what will happen?

It’s our job in the Slow Lane to begin to build a relationship, help them view us as an authority, and educate them about their problem.

We want to focus primarily on showing them HOW the problem is solved.

The Slow Lane can be fairly extensive because we are educating our leads on the process for curing their pain.

A Slow Lane lead is likely willing to take some more time to learn about the problem because they’re feeling the pain a lot more than someone in the Sidewalk. We also use a lead magnet in the Slow Lane to offer the the opportunity learn more about the pain., These lead magnets can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes to consume. It could be an eBook, a long form guide, a video series or a challenge. 

A prospect on the Sidewalk doesn’t yet know they even have a problem. You know they have a problem because they fit your demographic and behavioural profile, but they don’t know yet that they need your services.

It’s your job to convince them that something is missing in their life and to point out the cause of the pain that they feel.

In this stage, you want to ensure that whatever interactions you have are short and to the point. At this point, they don’t care about you, they care about their problem. So talk about that.

Focus on educating them about the pain in their life. Don’t make it about you, but rather talk about them and their pain and show them that you have a solution.

A great way to get Sidewalk leads is to use a small lead magnet, which is simply something valuable you offer someone in exchange for their email address. Since a Sidewalk lead is only going to give us 7-10 seconds to decide whether or not they’re going to download our lead magnet, we want to make it simple. A guide that takes less than  5 minutes to consume is ideal in this stage.



A Fast Lane lead is in a lot of pain and they’re looking for relief.

They know what the problem is, you’ve shown them how to fix it and now they want to know how they actually get the solution!

 We again use a lead magnet to engage your prospect and in the Fast Lane the lead magnet often doubles as your conversion method, such as a webinar or a strategy call. 

The focus here is to show them how to apply the transformation you’ve shown them to their life or business. 

Your lead magnet can take over 60 minutes to consume (if a webinar) and the lead is likely ready to buy if the conditions are right and their objections are handled.


Using the SSF Method, we’ve given our lead an understanding of their pain…

Then, we’ve shown them that change is possible and we’ve explained how that change happens. 

And finally, we show them how to apply that change to their lives. 

When I applied this in my own business, the results were incredible.

In 2015, I did over half a million in revenue…

In 2016, I did over $2 million and in 2017, I’m on track to surpass $6 million in revenue.

It’s all because I use the principles of the SSF Method to become ultra-relevant to my audience.


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Colin Pal

"The best advice I have ever gotten is to invest in the people that want you to succeed more than you even want it. No, this wasn't Scott's advice. But Scott is the epitome of it. "

Katja Koski

“From confusion to a clear vision in less than 3 weeks. I know now exactly how to get new potential leads to know my work and how convert them into customers. Thanks, Scott!”

Jon Schumacher

“I finally have the clear blueprint I was always looking for when crafting my customer's journey. Scott's program has you meet potential customers where THEY are instead of the tired old crap of stuffing offer and upsell after offer and upsell in front of anything with a pulse. Innovative and authentic approach to online business. Highly recommended!”

Zander Townend

I really appreciate how you break things down into process steps - that makes things easy to engage with and to actually do. Similarly, your updates and insights on the different types of FB tools and how to use them, and how to keep up with the changes that are happening,... these are gold.

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